The Nothing Holiday: A Jews Take On Christmas

It’s weird how a year progresses. Sometimes, 365 days seems to take about 2 weeks while other times it seems to last forever. Whether it’s a slow year or a quick year, December arrives shortly after the close of November and 25 days later, America’s biggest and brightest holiday is celebrated nationwide.

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26 December 2012 ·

How January 18th, 2012 Changed Everything.

I’ll be honest. At 12:32 AM on January 18th, 2012 when I went to Wikipedia, attempting to look up some sales statistics for a band, I had never heard the terms PIPA or SOPA before. What I did understand was how important the integration between our online and offline lives had become. When it comes to general information, there is no better source than Wikipedia and because of this, I have trust in the platform.

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19 January 2012 ·

Turning Nothing Into Something, That’s Really Nothing

I’m the kind of person who believes perception is everything. I don’t care what you’re trying to do or what you want to do. I care mostly about what you do. This lesson is translated directly into my own life. I know that if I act a certain way, then I’ll be treated accordingly. 

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5 January 2012 ·

Everything I Learned About Music, I Learned From These Three Bands

In a previous life, I was a drummer. While almost everyone I know has a firm understanding of what type of music I enjoy, few people remember the days when I was the one making the music. Of course this previous life was high school and while short lived, it still to this day ranks in the top two most eventful times in my life (the other is most likely still up in the air). 

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11 November 2011 ·

America’s Lie: The Royal Wedding

Over the past two weeks, every single news outlet in America has been crazy for everything and anything Royal Wedding. There were interviews with everyone from Princes to dress makers, stories about hometowns and fairy tales of people invited to the event. When push comes to shove, many American’s, myself included, couldn’t of cared less. Until last night.

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29 April 2011 ·

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